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Paddling Participation Requirements

The Flatwater Committee of the Narragansett Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club runs several flatwater paddling trips during the warmer season. Most beginners are welcome on flatwater trips.

These trips generally involve paddling on calmer water, although some wind and current is usually encountered. If you have some paddling experience and feel comfortable in and have basic skills getting into/out of, turning and controlling a canoe/kayak, you can get involved in our activities by simply watching the the Narragansett Chapter AMC Gansett Gazette or this web site for future trips and getting in touch with the leader. It is helpful to have your own boat and equipment, however, even if you don't, in some cases it may be possible to get put in touch with a more experienced person who has a canoe and needs a partner. The chapter also has kayaks available to rent. If you have never been in a canoe/kayak before, it is probably best that you try our basic instruction workshop (usually held in the Spring or Summer) before attempting a trip. Trips involving faster currents are sometimes referred to as "Quickwater" and generally require more experience. Canoes, sea kayaks and kiwis are all welcome on most flatwater trips, subject to leader's judgment. For more info, contact the trip leader, or the Chapter flatwater subchair.

DEM issues new permit requirements for freshwater paddling events.

(update Fall 2015: only for Fishing Tournaments now, AMC not required to comply.) "Any organized fishing and boating event and other organized events, which is composed of a minimum of six (6) persons and/or three (3) boats, is prohibited from being conducted on any fresh waters of the state regardless of access, or methods of propulsion without the prior issuance of a written permit from the Department." This apparently (regs are vague) applies to canoeing and kayaking events that do not include fishing. Read the complete regulations here. Contacts are listed at the bottom of the linked page. It does not list whether email or postal letter applications are the required format. Note that there are penalties if the event is not held and the State is not notified at least three weeks in advance. Paperwork must be submitted to the DEM after the event. Read the EcoRI article here. And the latest EcoRI article.

Reference Information for Flatwater Paddling

Chapter Rentals Available

Recreational Kayaks - Contact either Linda Pease 351-2234 (Providence) or Steve Morra 231-5365 (Johnston) for directions/arrangements to pick up/return kayaks. RENTALS are $8 per day w/all related equipment.

Two AMC recreational kayaks are available. The Perception Acadia from Steve Morra, and the Necky Santa Cruz from Linda Pease. Both come with life jacket, paddle, skirt & foam car carrier. The two AMC owned kayaks are rented to members only (Acadia and Santa Cruze listed below). AMC kayaks can be rented for Non-AMC paddles by AMC paddlers in good standing as long as there are no conflicts with AMC scheduled events.
Personally owned kayaks/canoes (3)are available on a case by case basis to be negotiated with Linda or Steve and availability is subject to change. Rental fee is $8 per day.

Sea Kayaks - The Chapter also has available four fully equipped sea kayaks for rental. The rental rates are $8/day. If you have rented our recreational kayaks and think that you are ready to try out a sea kayak, now you have a chance to expand your capabilities and experience a faster smoother paddle. Details are on the sea kayaking page.

Trip Report, 10 Mile River Paddle, May 29, 2009

A great group of folks paddled the Ten Mile River in Pawtucket on Saturday May 23, led by Antoinette & Herrick. We met at the Pawtucket Country Club, where we left our boats and headed off for shuttle duty...The paddle starts with hardly any current, no wind and a wide berth along the edge of the golf course. Herrick led us past one lone swan who wandered around on the opposite side. The river twists and turns gently, becoming more forested and wild. Read the full article by Shannon Kelley. A Kayak Trip Down the Ten Mile River

Leadership Requirements

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