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Hiking Resources

Gear for Local Hikes and suggestions for new members.

Enjoyable Local Hikes for New Members

This is a list of some favorite local hikes for both new members and members who are looking for a less demanding hike or walk. Check our schedule to see when we offer these activities. These are also suitable for hiking with friends or family. (HBS)

There are many other hikes. New members are invited to inquire about them from you local hiking leaders, listed on the web site and in the Gazette.

Summer Advisory - Get Ready for the Sun and the Bugs

Articles suggest that using DEET products and sunscreen together may not be in your best interest. But not all sources have the same recommendations. Read articles on the proper use of insect repellants by the US Center for Disease Control, one by Undercurrents magazine, and one by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

State Land Use Permits for Groups of 10 or more Hikers

Hikes of 10 or more persons require a special written permit to hike in State lands. Hiking leaders note the following regulations are applicable all year. This regulation is in the "Park and Management Area Rules and Regulations (August 1, 2014)" (pdf) Section 14. - Groups, Meetings, Distribution of Printed Matter.

(Section)14.2 Organized groups utilizing public reservations under the jurisdiction of the Division of Parks and Recreation, scientific collectors and groups of ten (10) or more in other public reservations, must submit prior written request to and have official written permission for a Special Use Permit from the Director or his/her authorized representative. (See Section 23 for Large Event Permits for groups between 75-150 people.)

For the Arcadia management area and all other State lands (except the George Washington area), print a copy of the Arcadia Activity/Special Use Permit (pdf) for submittal. For the George Washington area, print and submit this permit form (pdf). Jay Aron (Div. of Forest Environment) suggests calling him at 401-568-2013 so the request can be discussed prior to submitting an application.

For locations that are regulated, there are two maps to assist hiking leaders. The newest is a RI DEM interactive map that provides pdf cutouts of topo maps for selected locations in the State, but does not identify the areas on the map. The pdf maps are nice color printable topo maps with the State areas in shaded portions. The other map is an older version which does identify the management areas by name and gives a better overview of the State lands. It is the same as referenced below for trail maps for Wildlife Management Areas.

Hunting Season and Orange

Fluorescent Orange must be worn in Rhode Island State Management areas by all users (hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, etc.) The requirement is to wear 500 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange from the second Saturday in September to the last day of February (deer season), and 200 square inches (non-deer season) from the third Saturday in April to the last day in May, annually. There are a few days and places in the deer season that only 200 sq in. are needed but not worth dealing with, so use the 500 sq inches the whole deer season. Details are available in the RI Hunting Regulations for 2014-2015 Season.(284kB pdf)

The requirements give specifics to what qualifies. "To meet this requirement, safety clothing must be solid daylight fluorescent orange. Fluorescent camouflage does not meet this requirement. The hunter orange must be worn above the waist and be visible in all directions. Examples that meet the orange requirements are a hat that covers 200 square inches or combination of hat and vest covering 500 square inches."

Note: Both Connecticut and Massachusetts do not allow hunting on Sunday so orange is not required on those days. But hunting is legal in Rhode Island on Sunday.

Fluorescent orange vests, jackets and hats are available at any of the local sporting and big box (eg. Walmart, Dick's) stores at very reasonable prices. If you are xc-skiing in the George Washington/Pulaski management area this winter you will need the fluorescent orange, so buy something big enough to go over your ski jacket.

Local Winter Hiker Advisory.

When below freezing or there has been snow on the trails, local hikers need to think about not slipping on ice. You can hike just about anywhere with proper winter foot gear. Get Microspikes (kahtoola.com) or Stabil-icers (The ones with bolts over entire sole). If you're not yet committed to winter hiking and want something less expensive, go to the hunting/fishing department of your local sporting goods store and buy slip on fishermen's cleats that will serve you well for several seasons. Yaktraks are not recommended for serious hiking. For more information and sources, see the Snow Resources page.

"Hiking with Dogs"

For information on hiking with a dog, go to the dog hikes committee page.

Find your Favorite Hiking or Walking Trail

(This section has been moved to Hiking Resources.)

Leadership Requirements

The overall AMC Leadership Requirements and Guidelines will apply to all our leaders. There are two categories for leading.

Hike leader: Co-lead two non-Wednesday local hikes of at least five to ten miles in length, under guidance of two different qualified hike leaders. Then lead one local hike with a qualified hike leader acting as co-leader.
Walk leader: Co-lead two local hikes/walks Then lead one local hike/walk with a qualified hike or walk leader acting as co-leader.

"Elaine: I don't even know where I'm going."... "That's the best way to get someplace you've never been." -- J. Peterman

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