Our chapter web site has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Update Nov. 1, 2016


The Chapter mobile site has almost all pages converted to a mobile (smartphones and small tablets) friendly version. Only more recent Photo Albums are mobile friendly. Pages that are less than 800 pixels wide (*and all iOS devices) adapt to the mobile layout. Mobile pages are identical to desktop pages but without images or photos, and have larger text.

If your device screen is smaller than 800 pixels wide, like most smart phones or small tablets, you will only see the mobile version of the website. Depending on your device screen width and height (works on 7" Android tablets), rotating the screen will put you into either the mobile or desktop page. This feature can be tested on a desktop computer by horizontally sizing the browser window to a smaller size. This will work in all browsers except Internet Explorer 8.

Mobile pages (except at Holiday Season) have a tan background, while full web pages have the light blue background when viewed via mobile device.. The Gazette newsletters have six specific colored backgrounds in either mode.

Limitations and quirks of mobile viewing.

Webmaster preference: The Opera mobile browser (not Opera mini) on Android devices seems to me the most intuitive, user friendly, and renders pages most faithful to the html code. The native Android browser, Chrome, and the UC browser (Chinese) all seem less intuitive.

**Technical note: The mobile Safari browser does not render iframes or html5 data objects in compliance with desktop browser standards. In all browsers on the iPad touch (to be checked in other iPad models) the CSS "body {background-attachment: fixed;}" is not supported, so background scrolls with text.

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