Narragansett Chapter Contacts

Updated (anti-spam CAPTCHA), Jan. 2010

Chapter Chair
Russ Miller; e-mail: Russ
Chapter Vice Chair
Barbara Flagg; e-mail: Barbara
Past Chair
Bob Tessitore; e-mail: Bob
Matt Putnam, e-mail: Matt

Questions on joining the AMC (that are not answered on the join page)
or, if you are a new member and want additional information on our activities, please contact:
Membership Co-Chairs
Gregg O'Brien; e-mail: Gregg
Joan Taylor, e-mail: Joan

For information related to our web site, news events or publicity, please contact:
Webmaster and Photographer
Shannon Kelley; e-mail: Shannon

For information on other events and activities, please contact:
Trails Chair
Dav Cranmer; e-mail; Dav
Conservation Chair
Linda Pease; email: Linda
Leadership Development Chair
Ed Poyer; e-mail; Ed
Communication Chair
General Activities Chair
Chris Shafer, e-mail; Chris

Bicycle SubChair
Marcie Madsen; e-mail: Marcie
Local Hiking SubChair
Jeanmarie Josephson; e-mail: Jeanmarie
Northern Hiking SubChair
Ed Poyer; e-mail; Ed
Flatwater Paddling SubChair
Linda Pease; e-mail; Linda
Sea Kayaking SubChair
Young Members SubChair
Chris Josephson; e-mail; Chris
Climbing Co-SubChairs
Ken Hamel, Joe Vaglino; e-mail; Ken & Joe
XC-Skiing Co-SubChairs
Ann Piascik & Steve Harrington: e-mail; Ann & Steve
Family Outings SubChair
Debbie Mitchell; e-mail; Debbie
Kerry Robinson; email; Kerry