Chapter Executive Board and Committee Members

Executive Board Members

Chapter Chair - Russ Miller
Vice-Chair - Barbara Flagg
Past Chair - Bob Tessitore
Secretary - Joan Taylor
Treasurer - Matt Putnam
Membership Chair - Gregg O'Brien
Activities Chair - Chris Shafer
Communications Chair - vacant
Conservation Chair - Linda Pease
Trails Chair - Dav Cranmer
Leadership Chair - Ed Poyer

Sub-Committee Members

Northern Hikes Subchair - Ed Poyer
Biking Subchair - Marcie Madsen
Local Hikes Subchair - Jeanmarie Josephson
Technical Climbing Co-Subchairs - Ken Hamel, Joe Vaglino
Sea Kayaking Subchair - vacant
Flatwater Subchair - Linda Pease
Ski Co-Subchairs - Ann Piascik, Steve Harrington
Young Adult Members - Chris Josephson
Family Outings committee - Debbie Mitchell
Webmaster and Photographer - vacant
Publicist - Shannon Kelley
Archivist - Kerry Robinson